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New Chargii Products for Holiday Season 2020


New Chargii Products for Holiday Season 2020



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Hey Chargii Universe, here are the two new launches:

The NotePad and the Vino Cavallino.

Above, you'll see three options: one option to add the NotePad to your cart, one to add the Vino Cavallino to your cart, or an option for a Stocking Stuffer Bundle that includes one of each.

For the launch we are offering 10% off each product, or, if you go with the bundle, 25% off!

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Chargii NotePad

Vino Cavallino

The Chargii NotePad is a new take on a few desktop must-haves that will turn heads and save steps (and save paper, too)!

A New Experience: Opening a bottle of your favorite wine is easy and quick with Chargii's automatic wine opener! This magnificent gadget takes your wine tasting to the new level, allowing you to enjoy amazing wine flavor in a new and innovative way.

INCLUDES ALL THE EXTRAS: This nifty high-speed wireless charging pad includes a chalk marker with which to take quick notes and an eraser cloth with which to wipe them off.

Easy to Use: Our wine bottle opener allows you to open a bottle of red, white, or rose in a quick second. All you have to do is remove the foil seal, place the electronic opener vertically, and press the up button until the cork is fully removed from the bottle. Press the down button to release the cork.

NO SMUDGING YOUR PHONE: The chalk marker dries completely for a no-smudge experience! Just slightly dampen the cloth and you'll be able to wipe off and re-write on the NotePad. No more burning through paper notes!

Elegant Design: Inspired by the refined Italian style, this electric corkscrew wine bottle opener features minimalist and modern lines that will look stunning in your bar. The wine cork remover comes in a matte black color that looks elegant and classy.

LIGHTS UP SLIGHTLY WHILE CHARGING: You'll know it's working to charge your phone because the edges of the NotePad will light up in a circle of blue LED light!

Complete Set with BONUSES: Together with our electric corkscrew wine bottle opener you will also get a BIRRAMIRA metal beer bottle opener that you can use for cracking open a cold one with the boys, or with the gals. The set also comes with 4 AA batteries so you can open your favorite bottle of wine as soon as the electric corkscrew gets to your doorstep.

Case Friendly: NotePad will charge through cases made of rubber or plastic - cases up to 4mm of thickness. (Cases made of metal, or attachments such as pop sockets, metal rings, magnets, cards, grips may interfere with charging.)

For Your Loved Ones: Delight your family and friends with this outstanding cordless wine opener! Get this unique gadget as a lovely Christmas or birthday present and surprise your loved ones with a tool that will never cease to amaze them!