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-Will Chargii charge my phone model?

We have models that are compatible with every smartphone made since 2011. Our Car Chargii and zipChargii products charge every single model, out of the box. When it comes to Chargii All-in-One Power, you have a choice.
If your primary phone is an Apple phone, we recommend you get the iPhone/MicroUSB edition, because it charges every iPhone from iPhone 5 until iPhone X.
If you have an Android phone, such as one made by Samsung, HTC, LG, or Google, we suggest the Android-Only Edition, which boasts a USB-C out in addition to MicroUSB. Both versions of The Chargii™ charge most Android phones, which use MicroUSB, but only the Android-Only Edition charges the high-end ones like the Galaxy S8 and S9, Google Pixel, and LG G6 out of the box.

-Something is wrong with my product!

Relax, Chargii has you covered. We have a one-year, you-call-it-we-fix-it warranty on all our products. Just email us at support@Chargii.com, describing your problem and with your proof-of-purchase so that we can take care of your problem. Everyone who joins Chargii family deserves a 5-star experience and that's what we strive to provide.


-I want to register for my warranty. How do I do this?

To register for your warranty, e-mail us at Warranty@Chargii.com with an email with subject line "Warranty Registration."


-Will my Chargii All-in-One Power Bank work overseas?

Yes, but you'll need a simple adapter. You won't need any kind of transformer or anything like that because The Jolt is multi-voltage from 110-220v, which means it will charge with no problem overseas.


-Why include MicroUSB on every model?

We include MicroUSB on every model because it is the universal and standard charging tip for all your small portable electronics that aren't cell phones: Kindle readers, Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, many digital cameras and GPS's, and so much more all charge with MicroUSB. When you're on the go and need to read or listen to music, you'll have no problem with a low battery!